Psychosoziales Zentrum Rostock

Psychosocial Center Rostock for refugees and migrants

We are a multi-professional team based in Rostock made up of doctors, social workers, psychologists, an art therapist and others with extensive experience in the field of migration and integration. We operate under the umbrella of Ökohaus e.V. Rostock and in July 2021 moved into our rooms in the polyclinic in Paulstraße.

Our mission

Our aim is to offer a wide range of support, counselling and therapy formats for refugees and migrants who are traumatised or suffering from mental health issues. Our work makes an urgently needed contribution to the improvement of psychosocial care for refugees and migrants in Rostock and the surrounding area. We provide assistance and support in matters of healthcare and social integration. By educating our clients, helping them to settle in and fostering their re-individualisation, we attempt to increase individual, social and societal participation among our target group.

We do everything possible to take into account the cultural backgrounds and language needs of our clients. Children, young people and families are welcome. Our services are free to our clients and can be used regardless of residence status. Interpreters are available if required. All our interactions with clients are 100% confidential.

We offer

  • access to experienced social workers
  • help with official communications (making applications to, understanding correspondence from and entering into contact with authorities)
  • advice on asylum procedure, residence laws and benefits
  • strategies to facilitate or increase social participation
  • counselling, crisis intervention and psychotherapy
  • help in setting up and accessing appropriate medical care (on the basis of the patient’s biopsychosocial history)
  • group and project work